Family owned and operated since 1827

MDH Pty Ltd is one of Australia's largest beef cattle operations, unique in the fact that the company is both family owned and operated. The McDonald family represents 7 generations of beef producers and 190 years of experience in Australian agriculture.

MDH has developed into a fully integrated beef business with a genuine fork to farm approach. This provides customers and consumers with the unique opportunity to have a direct dialogue with the family throughout the supply chain.

With a wide geographical spread of country in Australia's vast Queensland outback, MDH Pty Ltd runs 150,000 head of cattle across 14 properties, encompassing an irrigated farm and the company owned "Wallumba" feedlot on the Western Darling Downs.


"I never thought I could earn a living doing what I love. It's a beautiful country, great people & a lot of fun."



MDH is a proud supporter and valued partner in the Foodbank collaborative supply meat program and is helping to provide a regular supply of sausages and a vital source of protein to vulnerable Australians.

Zanda McDonalds Award

Zanda McDonald was a prominent identity in the Australian beef and livestock industry and was proud to be a farmer who worked tirelessly to encourage young people to work in the industry that he loved.

MDH REPRESENT 7 generations of beef producers and
190 years of experience in Australian agriculture



Devoncourt Station
Cloncurry QLD 4824, Australia