Situated at the headwaters of the Burke and Mort Rivers, Chatsworth boasts a mixture of Mitchell grass downs, flinders grass flats, and buffel grass creek flats. It is excellent country for both breeding and fattening and at full capacity will run 30,000 cattle. Chatsworth is well improved and watered by 60 sub-artesian bores and 25 dams. The property is well stocked primarily with male cattle of Brahman and Santa Gertrudis lines, with a smaller number of Santa Gretrudis females making up the breeding program. In its hay day, Chatsworth Station was home to more than 70 people but with the efficiencies of modern technology and light aircrafts it now employs around 15 staff.

Chatsworth is located 140kms south of Cloncurry and 180kms south east of Mount Isa and employs a head stockman, stockmen and women, cooks, machinery operators and boremen. It is also necessary to enlist the help of contract mustering teams at times. As with several of the stations, a light aircraft is used for checking cattle and improvements, allowing for a more efficient operation.



Devoncourt Station
Cloncurry QLD 4824, Australia