Rutland Plains

With 55 kms of the Gulf of Carpentaria as a boundary and miles of fabulous wetlands, Rutland Plains boasts spectacular wildlife and scenery. It is situated 400 kms north of Normanton and 600 kms west of Cairns on the Cape York Peninsular. Rutland Plains runs a 15,000 Braham cross breeding herd, where all males and spayed female weaners are trucked south to fatten on country south of Cloncurry. Rutland Plains is situated in the Mitchell River delta, and gets a top dressing from the Atherton Tablelands during a good wet season.

Employment opportunities include head stockman, stockmen and women, station and camp cooks, a mechanic, grader driver and gardener. The accommodation facilities are comfortable, air-conditioned private rooms with shared bathrooms. Rutland has mobile phone and internet service powered under the Telstra NextG system.



Devoncourt Station
Cloncurry QLD 4824, Australia