The MDH breeding herd is located predominantly in the Gulf and Cape York regions of Queensland and comprises high-grade Brahman cows crossed with Brahman Bulls sourced annually from reputable local studs. Bulls are selected using a combination of data, genomic tests, and vet visual assessments to provide the best opportunity for productivity and continual herd improvement. 

The Brahman progeny are backgrounded, drafted on specifications, and then directed onto the most appropriate market. They are dispersed between the company-owned feedlot "Wallumba" to enter the 100-day grain feed, trade live sales or grass-fed direct to the slaughter market. 

 Where climatic and environmental conditions allow, a combination of Bos Taurus bulls including Angus, Charolais, Shorthorn, and Belmont Red are sourced and crossed with the brahman and F1 female herd. The F2 progeny and the majority of the F1 progeny progress to backgrounding and through to the feedlot to enter the 100 days or trade grain-fed market, allowing us to take advantage of the feed efficiencies and meat quality that comes with the increased Bos Taurus content.


Australia's biosecurity laws are among the best practised on the planet. Strict preventative biosecurity measures reduce the risk of transmitting disease and invasive pests and weeds across enterprises, states and countries. 

MDH cattle are issued with electronic tags, and each time they're moved to new locations, their identification numbers are recorded and stored in a nationwide database. 

Should the need ever arise, MDH can identify and follow precisely where each tracked animal was during its life on our properties. In doing so, MDH can help Australia keep free from exotic diseases and help ensure the long-term health, profitability and sustainability of the Australian cattle and red meat industry.


Our cattle are born and raised on predominantly native pasture in an extensive grazing environment that is environmentally sustainable with dedicated nature refuges. 

We take responsibility for managing the cattle grazing these holdings, along with managing the soil, pasture, water and woodlands to ensure the sustainability of our environment and the beef industry.


Finishing our cattle on grain at the company's Wallumba Feedlot on the western Darling Downs gives us the ability to ensure they are in ideal condition for the processing and maintain consistency in our product. 

Our cattle carry the Grain Fed 100 Day Certification, which proves these cattle have been at our AUS-MEAT and AQIS Accredited Wallumba Feedlot for at least 100 days. The Grain Fed Certificate also guarantees that the beef has passed meat quality assessment criteria such as P8 fat depth, meat colour, fat colour, plus dentition and ossification assessments.


MDH is committed to sustainable and best practice animal welfare and husbandry procedures and actively supports research and development in this area. MDH supports and participates in leading animal welfare research and development, with a history and focus on taking successful and meaningful outcomes through to adoption.

MDH has developed its own set of animal welfare policies covering all relevant areas for the supply chain, incorporating ongoing internal review processes, incident reporting and a six-monthly property review, including an assessment of the condition of stock, pastures and land condition. While our policies are based on documents including “The Animal Care and Protection Act”, “Cattle Standards and Guidelines”, and “Fit to Load Guidelines”, we have crafted our own policies to ensure they are relevant to our business and are easily interpreted and implemented into our everyday operations.

Over many years, MDH has shared the stage with other like-minded Australian producers, most notably leading the way  in the development of animal welfare research and development of topical pain relief,  as well as in the development of targeted supplementation for breeders and weaners in the high rainfall areas of North-Western QLD.




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